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Friday, May 25, 2012

5 Reasons to Choose the Right Audio Visual Company for Your Event

Event planners earn their success by having a good track record for planning different types of events. When it comes to planning a professional corporate event, it's important everything goes smoothly and looks great. Hiring a good audio visual company is a huge part of this. It's one of the most crucial companies to hire because they play such a large role in the entire evening. 

Here are five reasons to choose the right audio visual company!

1) Experience

An audio visual company that has a good track record is likely to have quite a bit of experience. This is extremely important when it comes to managing an event. Professionals will know how to handle different situations, including any problems that arise as Murphy's Law dictates. The more experience the employees have, the better they will be able to manage their jobs and any curveballs thrown their way. On the job experience is something that takes many years to really develop. People who have been on the job longer will know how to do more advanced special requests, and handle all types of situations.

A lower end audio visual company or solution, is likely to have employees who don't have a lot of experience. Their lack of training within the event industry can be detrimental. This could end up preventing the night from being perfect, which reflects on you as the planner. Even one bad event caused from an inexperienced audio visual company could damage your reputation for years to come.

2) Equipment

In addition to experience, equipment is extremely important when it comes to running a corporate event. Everything from the lighting on the stage to the IMAG helping those in the back see as if they were in the front. This is especially true for events that are going to have presentations and speakers up on stage. The equipment that is used should be top of the line. Older, low end equipment can not only sometimes produce lower quality results, but also more prone to random failure. Most reputable audio visual companies are going to have the most cutting edge, mid to high end equipment. This will result in them being able to handle anything that is required for the evening. 

3) Specialists

Not all audio visual companies are created equally. Some of the lower end companies employees will only be able to handle the basics. If the event is in need of large scale video, special lighting or sound, lack of knowledge in the more advanced technologies could end up ruining the entire evening. When the sound, video or lighting cues are slow, wrong or even just plain missed, people at the event are going to take notice. Well trained and educated audio visual specialists will be able to handle a number of different situations.

Professionals that deal with specialized audio and visual situations will be able to help out with everything from concerts to fashion shows. The lighting for each event and venue is different and all aspects need to be considered. Audio visual companies that don't employ the best employees can end up ruining special events. Finding a company that has highly trained audio, video and lighting specialists is essential.

4) Self-sufficient

It should not be the event planners job to micro manage the in's and out's of the "behind the scenes" technical elements of the production. So not only should the staff be highly trained, and knowledgeable in all types of situations, they also should be able to make on the fly decisions and work well without direct supervision.

5) Details

The details are among the most important aspects of any corporate event. A good audio visual company will make sure everything is set up correctly and even the smallest details accounted for. AV planning is complex and takes a long time to understand. Hiring a cheap company without extensive knowledge could end up backfiring. For example, what if the lighting on stage were too bright and wash out the video? What if the video that was supposed to play ended up blurry and without sound? These problems could end up ruining an event for a planner and causing their reputation to suffer greatly. Not to mention the guests will not be paying attention to the message, just the problems that arise...

Finding the right fit for your event does not mean you have to hire the most expensive company, just do research and make sure you have your ideas ready and be sure to get references, and past clients/events information. And always follow up!

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