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Saturday, January 15, 2011

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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Many Famous Magicians Introducing The History Of Magic

The history of magic is first spoke about in the Bible. The ancient manuscripts refer to the three wise men as actual magicians. At the time of Christ a magician known as Simon Magus entertained everyone by flying from one end of the room to the other, sure to catch the attention of his audience as he introduced the first bit of large scale magic shows. Magic was performed free of charge at that time, people would gather and be entertained for the small price of laughter and loud applause.

Many palaces and Royal courts had a live-in magician there to perform for the royal audience. It become a staple of amusement for all.One of the most famous tricks included the Chinese link rings. Modern corporate magicians today still use this trick, many metal type rings are linked and unlinked magically together.
Magic really began to become popular in the eighteenth century in London England. Magic was included in many fairs and side of the road magic shows.The very first serious magician to open a show was Charles Mai ton. He conjured up the idea that he would charge a fee for townspeople to attend his magic shows. The townspeople indeed paid to view the event entertainment shows, at that time of the century that was the main source of entertainment. The townspeople paid indeed to view the entertaining shows, at that time of the century that was the main source of corporate events entertainment.

London was the first to introduce the famous magician Robert Houdini. He was the very first magician to use electricity in performing his magic shows. Many consider him to be the pioneer of magic. After the passing of Robert Houdini a gentleman by the name of Eric Weiss read up on all of his accomplishments and achievements as a magician. He admired and studied him to the exact magic act. So Mr. Weiss changed his magic show entirely to the like of Robert Houdini, along with his total appearance to become the most famous Harry Houdini. Today many magicians try to follow the lead of Harry Houdini.He was most famous for escaping from police handcuffs, straight jackets and prison cells.The history of magic lives on today with many modern magicians following the lead of the great Harry Houdini.

Another very unique Magician was Dr. Walford Bodie. He was also very entertaining he actually used laughing gas to entertain his audience. He would ask for audience volunteers. He would then administer laughing gas to them . They would begin to laugh uncontrollably . This was considered very entertaining especially if you were the chosen one from the audience. This act of magic gave a whole new meaning to the history of magic.

One of the famous magicians to perform magical special effects is Robert Harbin. He is the magician who first introduced the "Cut the lady in half" trick in 1921, which often had the audience sitting at the edge of their seats. This total illusion effect always kept the magic lovers coming back to the shows. No one could ever figure out optical illusion performance. Many magicians today still put the lady in the box and "cut" her body in two.

The American magician Harry Kellar took his show around the entire world. His magic included illusions and performances of spirit mediums. Mr. Kellar was the best known magician in America until he retired in 1908. His American successor Howard Thurston, performed all through the United States for Twenty-eight years. His show was famous for the vanishing automobile and levitation acts. The noteworthy association of magicians keeps count of the professional and amateur magicians. Amateur weighing out professional by a long shot.