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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Your Corporate Event Planning “Cheat Sheet”

Corporate event planning is an involved process that requires expensive planning among many departments of your company. It can take months, or even longer, to put together a memorable event for your company.

Here are a few ways to make sure you don’t forget any of the major considerations.

  • Set a date. The date set for the event should be put before all the major decision makers to ensure that there isn’t a conflict.

  • Get an approved budget. This doesn’t need to be a point of contention within your company, just be sure to it done as soon as possible. The budget will be the major factor in what you can plan and how many people can be invited.

  • Assign roles to staff members who can assist with corporate event planning. With a date in place and a budget approved, you can now assign planning roles such as hiring the caterer, finding a venue and assisting with travel arrangements or registration help. Each should look at both prices and quality when making reservations. If your event will be large enough, look for volume discounts.

  • Put a registration process in place. With a budget already set, you will be able to let employees know how many people they can invite and whether only specific sectors of the company will be attending. Registration can be anything from a simple confirmation email to hard copy forms that must be turned into your department. If you have a large company and an event that will encompass it, put up a website devoted to the event that will include maps, FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) and registration information.

  • Make your entertainment decisions. In corporate event planning, this is often the biggest decision. The event entertainment will be what is most memorable about the event and will determine its effectiveness to a large degree. With memorable entertainment, you can also expect to get better attendance.

  • Establish your deadlines. Employees should have a deadline date for registering. Members of your team should have a deadline for completing their part of the planning process. Team members who take too long risk losing out on venues and other resources.

With this cheat sheet, you’ll be able to ensure that your event goes off without a hitch!

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