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Friday, May 25, 2012

5 Reasons to Choose the Right Audio Visual Company for Your Event

Event planners earn their success by having a good track record for planning different types of events. When it comes to planning a professional corporate event, it's important everything goes smoothly and looks great. Hiring a good audio visual company is a huge part of this. It's one of the most crucial companies to hire because they play such a large role in the entire evening. 

Here are five reasons to choose the right audio visual company!

1) Experience

An audio visual company that has a good track record is likely to have quite a bit of experience. This is extremely important when it comes to managing an event. Professionals will know how to handle different situations, including any problems that arise as Murphy's Law dictates. The more experience the employees have, the better they will be able to manage their jobs and any curveballs thrown their way. On the job experience is something that takes many years to really develop. People who have been on the job longer will know how to do more advanced special requests, and handle all types of situations.

A lower end audio visual company or solution, is likely to have employees who don't have a lot of experience. Their lack of training within the event industry can be detrimental. This could end up preventing the night from being perfect, which reflects on you as the planner. Even one bad event caused from an inexperienced audio visual company could damage your reputation for years to come.

2) Equipment

In addition to experience, equipment is extremely important when it comes to running a corporate event. Everything from the lighting on the stage to the IMAG helping those in the back see as if they were in the front. This is especially true for events that are going to have presentations and speakers up on stage. The equipment that is used should be top of the line. Older, low end equipment can not only sometimes produce lower quality results, but also more prone to random failure. Most reputable audio visual companies are going to have the most cutting edge, mid to high end equipment. This will result in them being able to handle anything that is required for the evening. 

3) Specialists

Not all audio visual companies are created equally. Some of the lower end companies employees will only be able to handle the basics. If the event is in need of large scale video, special lighting or sound, lack of knowledge in the more advanced technologies could end up ruining the entire evening. When the sound, video or lighting cues are slow, wrong or even just plain missed, people at the event are going to take notice. Well trained and educated audio visual specialists will be able to handle a number of different situations.

Professionals that deal with specialized audio and visual situations will be able to help out with everything from concerts to fashion shows. The lighting for each event and venue is different and all aspects need to be considered. Audio visual companies that don't employ the best employees can end up ruining special events. Finding a company that has highly trained audio, video and lighting specialists is essential.

4) Self-sufficient

It should not be the event planners job to micro manage the in's and out's of the "behind the scenes" technical elements of the production. So not only should the staff be highly trained, and knowledgeable in all types of situations, they also should be able to make on the fly decisions and work well without direct supervision.

5) Details

The details are among the most important aspects of any corporate event. A good audio visual company will make sure everything is set up correctly and even the smallest details accounted for. AV planning is complex and takes a long time to understand. Hiring a cheap company without extensive knowledge could end up backfiring. For example, what if the lighting on stage were too bright and wash out the video? What if the video that was supposed to play ended up blurry and without sound? These problems could end up ruining an event for a planner and causing their reputation to suffer greatly. Not to mention the guests will not be paying attention to the message, just the problems that arise...

Finding the right fit for your event does not mean you have to hire the most expensive company, just do research and make sure you have your ideas ready and be sure to get references, and past clients/events information. And always follow up!

Friday, May 4, 2012

10 TIps to Planning a Fantastic Corporate Event Menu

Of the many tasks that go into planning a corporate event, the menu may be the most challenging for a beginner. Whether delicious or off the mark, food is often the most talked about aspect of the event next to the entertainment. Meal time can serve as an ideal setting to discuss the business of the event, generate leads or even prompt sales. But If what is offered is disappointing, attendees tend to not be as satisfied, thus having an adverse, and possibly disastrous "Domino Effect."

The Following is a set of ten steps to serve as a how-to guide in planning your corporate event's menu.

How to Plan a Corporate Event Menu

Before Meeting with the Caterer

1. Determine Your Available Meal Time - Review your corporate event's schedule to determine the amount of time your attendees will have to enjoy the meal. The type of meal you offer will be dependent on the amount of time available. Three types of meals to consider are: buffet/banquet style, boxed meal and sit-down. The more time you have available, the greater the flexibility for offering a full service sit-down meal. But if time is short, then a boxed meal could be the way to go!

2. Choose a Basic Theme - A cohesive meal is always well received. Choosing a basic theme for the event allows your caterer to create a menu that is central to that theme. You may choose a theme that complements the business that is hosting the event, the area in which the event is being held, or the topics being promoted through the event.

3. Consider Your Attendees
- If the crowd you are serving is made up of young professionals, your menu options may be more daring than if it is made up of a more conservative group. If you are serving business persons who travel regularly, you may be able to serve a more eclectic menu. You should also consider the business that is being promoted. For example, if the event were for a holistic healing community, your menu would be different than if it were for a hunting association event.

4. Create a Scrapbook - As an event planner, you have likely attended a good number of other events. It is a great idea to keep a journal of these events in which you record likes and dislikes. Consider placing menu items that really impressed guests at other events on your corporate event menu.

5. Consider Special Guests and Honorees - If your event is being held in honor of a particular person or if you have VIP guests, consider asking around to see if they have particularly favored dishes. Serving these will leave a lasting impression.

In Meeting with your Caterer

6. Ask about Seasonal Options - In creating any menu it is essential to consider what foods are in season. This includes not only selecting fruits and vegetable that are likely to be at their peak but, also to determine the overall feel of your meal. If you know your event is in the middle of a scorching summer day, you would obviously choose a lighter menu with crisp refreshing options.

7. Require Options - Your caterer will work with the framework you came up with in the first three steps to provide you with potential menus. Be sure to explain to your caterer that you want to provide as many options as possible. Specifically, you want two options for appetizers, two for salads, three for entrees and two options for dessert. In providing these options, you are more likely to please every one of your guests. Always remember vegetarians, and those with special food requirements!

8. Inquire as to Their Specialty - A seasoned caterer is sure to be known for one or many of their specialty dishes. Offering your attendees the opportunity to experience this specialty would be especially well received.

9. Clear the Condiments
- Most caterers will acquiesce to demands for lite seasoning and minimal toppings that would normally be served on a dish and opt to, instead, serve these on the side. Choosing to do this limits the possibility of serving a guest an item that they disagree with or are allergic to.

10. Offer a Preview of the Menu - Once you have finalized the menu with your caterer, offer registered attendees a preview of the corporate event's menu. When guests have had a chance to preview the menu they are more likely to choose options they are sure to enjoy at the event. This preview may also cause a welcome stir of excitement revolving around the corporate event.

With these 10 tips at your side, your menu is sure to please and be the talk of the event!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Are You Out Of Corporate Event Entertainment Ideas?

Although there are hundreds of details that go into a successful corporate event, selecting the right entertainment can make a difference between a spectacular event and an event that everyone would rather skip next year.

If your company is used to holding corporate events on a yearly or quarterly basis, you may feel like you and the planning team have hit a brick wall. Without thinking outside of the box and incorporate new event entertainment ideas into your rotation, you’re going to end up boring your attendees and making upper management disappointed in the event.

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As a corporate event planner, you may feel like you’re up against a brick wall. You need to find entertainment that is not only exciting but that is appropriate in a corporate environment. There are many entertainers out there that have experience at entertaining casual audiences, but they would be a disaster at a corporate venue. Similarly, there are a lot of corporate entertainment options out there that are completely “safe” but have been used so often that they are just as boring as not having any entertainment at all.

If you and your team are stuck for corporate event entertainment ideas, it might be time to think outside of the box. Here are three ideas that are not only appropriate for a corporate audience but also have the “wow!” factor that you’re looking for:
  1. A Vegas-style Magic Stage Show: There’s a big reason why magic has been a popular form of entertainment for thousands of years. You can bring the level of mystery, amazement and thrills to your next corporate event by hiring a magical stage act. A professional stage act will be able to pull off magical stunts that will astound and amaze your attendees.
  2. A Chinese Acrobat Show: When it comes to excitement, you can’t get any better than professional Chinese Acrobats. This type of corporate entertainment is rare to find – making your use of them at your event exciting and memorable. Your audience will be amazed at their display of Eastern acrobatics.
  3. A Rhythm and Movement Show: You don’t have to book the “Blue Man Group” to amaze your audience with a rhythm and movement spectacle. Finding a group that creates music with unique drums, industrial and household objects and their own feet will take your corporate event to the next level.
With these three options, you don’t have to be out of corporate event entertainment ideas any longer! Find a vendor that offers any of these options to ensure a successful corporate event…and the rest, as they say, will be history.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Your Corporate Event Planning “Cheat Sheet”

Corporate event planning is an involved process that requires expensive planning among many departments of your company. It can take months, or even longer, to put together a memorable event for your company.

Here are a few ways to make sure you don’t forget any of the major considerations.

  • Set a date. The date set for the event should be put before all the major decision makers to ensure that there isn’t a conflict.

  • Get an approved budget. This doesn’t need to be a point of contention within your company, just be sure to it done as soon as possible. The budget will be the major factor in what you can plan and how many people can be invited.

  • Assign roles to staff members who can assist with corporate event planning. With a date in place and a budget approved, you can now assign planning roles such as hiring the caterer, finding a venue and assisting with travel arrangements or registration help. Each should look at both prices and quality when making reservations. If your event will be large enough, look for volume discounts.

  • Put a registration process in place. With a budget already set, you will be able to let employees know how many people they can invite and whether only specific sectors of the company will be attending. Registration can be anything from a simple confirmation email to hard copy forms that must be turned into your department. If you have a large company and an event that will encompass it, put up a website devoted to the event that will include maps, FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) and registration information.

  • Make your entertainment decisions. In corporate event planning, this is often the biggest decision. The event entertainment will be what is most memorable about the event and will determine its effectiveness to a large degree. With memorable entertainment, you can also expect to get better attendance.

  • Establish your deadlines. Employees should have a deadline date for registering. Members of your team should have a deadline for completing their part of the planning process. Team members who take too long risk losing out on venues and other resources.

With this cheat sheet, you’ll be able to ensure that your event goes off without a hitch!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Many Famous Magicians Introducing The History Of Magic

The history of magic is first spoke about in the Bible. The ancient manuscripts refer to the three wise men as actual magicians. At the time of Christ a magician known as Simon Magus entertained everyone by flying from one end of the room to the other, sure to catch the attention of his audience as he introduced the first bit of large scale magic shows. Magic was performed free of charge at that time, people would gather and be entertained for the small price of laughter and loud applause.

Many palaces and Royal courts had a live-in magician there to perform for the royal audience. It become a staple of amusement for all.One of the most famous tricks included the Chinese link rings. Modern corporate magicians today still use this trick, many metal type rings are linked and unlinked magically together.
Magic really began to become popular in the eighteenth century in London England. Magic was included in many fairs and side of the road magic shows.The very first serious magician to open a show was Charles Mai ton. He conjured up the idea that he would charge a fee for townspeople to attend his magic shows. The townspeople indeed paid to view the event entertainment shows, at that time of the century that was the main source of entertainment. The townspeople paid indeed to view the entertaining shows, at that time of the century that was the main source of corporate events entertainment.

London was the first to introduce the famous magician Robert Houdini. He was the very first magician to use electricity in performing his magic shows. Many consider him to be the pioneer of magic. After the passing of Robert Houdini a gentleman by the name of Eric Weiss read up on all of his accomplishments and achievements as a magician. He admired and studied him to the exact magic act. So Mr. Weiss changed his magic show entirely to the like of Robert Houdini, along with his total appearance to become the most famous Harry Houdini. Today many magicians try to follow the lead of Harry Houdini.He was most famous for escaping from police handcuffs, straight jackets and prison cells.The history of magic lives on today with many modern magicians following the lead of the great Harry Houdini.

Another very unique Magician was Dr. Walford Bodie. He was also very entertaining he actually used laughing gas to entertain his audience. He would ask for audience volunteers. He would then administer laughing gas to them . They would begin to laugh uncontrollably . This was considered very entertaining especially if you were the chosen one from the audience. This act of magic gave a whole new meaning to the history of magic.

One of the famous magicians to perform magical special effects is Robert Harbin. He is the magician who first introduced the "Cut the lady in half" trick in 1921, which often had the audience sitting at the edge of their seats. This total illusion effect always kept the magic lovers coming back to the shows. No one could ever figure out optical illusion performance. Many magicians today still put the lady in the box and "cut" her body in two.

The American magician Harry Kellar took his show around the entire world. His magic included illusions and performances of spirit mediums. Mr. Kellar was the best known magician in America until he retired in 1908. His American successor Howard Thurston, performed all through the United States for Twenty-eight years. His show was famous for the vanishing automobile and levitation acts. The noteworthy association of magicians keeps count of the professional and amateur magicians. Amateur weighing out professional by a long shot.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Booking Event Entertainment

When we are organizing a party, event or booking special event entertainment then we want the occasion to be special at any costs. This is specially true if it is someone's anniversary or a corporate company party, then we want the occasion to be more than just special, we want the event to be unforgettable. There are many busy times of the year, so when you are booking event entertainment, make sure you take this into consideration. When booking event entertainment consider if you are looking for an integrative presentation that is a part of your awards ceremony or party with a full stage magic show that is completely different so that your event will be memorable.

 There are many event entertainment and show production companies that you can find online or through word of mouth that will bring you the best quality service you are looking for. Many entertainment booking agencies will help bring those bigger acts to you at a price that is not going to bankrupt you over night. These type of quality acts will highlight your  party, concert or corporate event  by bring creativity and innovation, always carefully listening to vision of the event host.

 If you have some trouble in finding event entertainment online then specify exactly what you are looking for such as, are you looking for a comedian, corporate magician, singer, tribute act or even a mine artist?  Searching specific keywords online will be the best options to find the type of event entertainment you are looking for.